Random Blog 5: Netflix Recommendations

I’m on social media a lot and even family and friends in person ask for good movies to watch on Netflix! Today I’m going to give you 5 Netflix recommendations that are good in my Opinion!

#1) Inconceivable- My Rating is 5 STARS

Description: A couple trying to conceive invite a woman with a mysterious past to move in with them. But it’s an invitation they might come to regret.

Starring: Nicolas Cage

#2) Locked Up- My Rating is 5 STARS

Description: After getting in a fight at her school in Southeast Asia, an American teen is sent to a correctional facility, where she faces hard labor and abuse.

#3) Roxanne, Roxanne- My Rating is 5 STARS

Description: True Story of Battle Rap champ Roxanne Shante. “Roxanne’s Revenge”

Starring: Nia Long

#4) DismissedMy Rating is 5 STARS

Description: An intelligent, intense honor student traumatizes his high school teacher & mentor when he doesn’t get the grade he thinks he deserves.

Starring: Dylan Sprouse

#5) 47 Meters Down- My Rating is 4 Stars

Description: With little oxygen left in their scuba tanks, 2 sisters are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean while sharks circle near by.

Check these out and tell me what you think! Share your ratings with me! 


4 Stars=I Really Liked It.

3 Stars=It was okay.

2 Stars= I didn’t like it.

1 Star=HATED IT!

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